Have you registered your account on Customer Portal ? If no please click on 'Create your Account' link, If yes please check if you have entered your registered email address and password. As your switch to Symbio energy being confirmed? If not, please wait for the confirmation mail.
You may be getting a pop-up message “Your switch to Symbio Energy is in process. Once the process is complete, you will receive an email with your Customer Reference Number. You can then register using those details! ”, which states that your switch to Symbio Register is still pending, One needs to wait for email conformation once your switch is confirmed with us. If you get a pop-up message stating that your switch is rejected, you will not be able to register on the customer portal. If you have entered invalid details like wrong customer reference number or post code or email other, then registered email address then you will not be able to register on the customer portal website.
There are some validations for submitting meter reads. Please see as follows:
  1. Meter read cannot be less than your previous meter read, in case of 2-meter reads, day and night meter read cannot be less than previous day and night meter read.
  2. When submitting meter read, digits cannot be more than your actual meter digit limit.
  3. If the customer submitted meter read previously, then next time the meter read date must be a later date.
  4. Customer cannot submit a meter read without entering a meter read or selecting a date.
  5. Customer cannot enter his/her first meter read before the effective registered date.